Mugshots and Arrest Records of the Famous and Infamous

Thomas J. Craughwell

A riveting lineup of the world’s most famous and infamous arrests, from Lizzie Borden (double murder) to Lindsay Lohan (DUI) to Roman Polanski (unlawful sexual intercourse).

Although the headlines fade, the humiliation, vulnerability, and sometimes chilling smugness of the alleged criminal in the mug shot stands the test of time. Covering 150 years of run-ins with the law, Busted reveals more than 500 of the most famous, disturbing, and just plain pathetic mug shots ever recorded. Subjects from all walks of life face front and turn to the left in this enthralling slice of social history.

Among the alleged perpetrators are James Brown (carrying an unlicensed weapon and assaulting a police officer), Lenny Bruce (obscenity), Bill Gates (running a red light, driving without a license), Al Capone (tax evasion), Jeffrey Dahmer (rape, torture, murder, cannibalism), Eminem (assault), Mick Jagger (drugs charges), Malcolm X (burglary), Al Pacino (carrying a concealed weapon), Charles Barkley (disorderly conduct), Frank Sinatra (morals charges), Bernie Madoff (securities fraud, investment adviser fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, perjury, making false filings with the SEC, theft from an employee benefit plan), Bugsy Siegel (gambling and bootlegging), Tupac Shakur (sexual assault), Roger Clinton (drug dealing), and hundreds more.

The date of the arrest is provided, along with the fascinating, shocking, and sometimes ludicrous stories of the circumstance that led to the arrest, as well as occasional details of the trial and punishment (or merely the humble apology) that followed. Impossible to turn away from, Busted is the perfect coffee-table or gift book for our celebrity-obsessed society.

Thomas J. Craughwell is the author of Black Dog & Leventhal’s Urban Legend series, which includes Urban Legends, Baby on the Car Roof, and Alligators in the Sewers, as well as more than 20 books, including,
most recently, Stealing Lincoln’s Body and Saints Behaving Badly. He has written articles on history, religion, politics, and popular culture for The Wall Street Journal, The American Spectator, U.S. News & World
and Emmy magazine. Craughwell has appeared as a guest on CNN, the BBC, C-SPAN, FOX, The Discovery Channel, and more than 200 radio programs. He lives in Bethel, Connecticut.

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