A Child's Introduction to Poetry

Listen While You Learn about the Magic Words that have Moved Mountains, Won Battles, and Made Us Laugh and Cry

Michael Driscoll
Illustrated by Meredith Hamilton

This wide-ranging journey through the history and highlights of the world's poetry covers everything from odes and epics to nonsense verse and haikus. The book encourages children to listen, read, and learn.

Poetry can be fun-especially when we can read it, hear it, and discover its many delights with the help of delightful illustrations and the recordings of each poem read by actors.

Cartoon character Professor Driscoll guides readers through the wide-ranging journey of A Child's Introduction to Poetry, which includes the history and highlights of the world's poetry, from epics and odes to nonsense verse and haikus, and is filled with examples of every style.

It painlessly introduces kids (and parents, too) to the greatest poets in history, from Homer and Shakespeare to Robert Frost and Ogden Nash-and provides excellent examples of their work and commentary on what makes it so special. In short, this is a galloping tour through poetic history loaded with all of our most significant and beloved poems. In addition to charming illustrations on every lively page, A Child's Introduction to Poetry contains a full-length CD with wonderful renditions of the poems read by professional actors. The multimedia package of the book and accompanying disk of read-aloud poems encourages children to listen, read, and learn---and opens the door to a lifetime of appreciation of a rich literary tradition.

Michael Driscoll is a reporter for the Martinsburg Journal in West Virginia, and has written for Reuters and the Associated Press. He's a former editor at Black Dog & Leventhal, where he worked on a wide range of titles, including the State Shapes series, Take Me Out to the Ballpark, and Photo Oops. Driscoll studied poetry at Emory University in Atlanta, and has been a poetry afficionado ever since.

Meredith Hamilton graduated from Brown University and has an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Formerly an art director at Newsweek and Time, she illustrated all the books in the Child's Introduction series, among other books, and her work can be found in magazines and animations as well. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and three children.

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