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A Child’s Introduction to the World

Geography, Cultures, and People—From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China

Heather Alexander
Illustrated by Meredith Hamilton

This volume in Black Dog’s bestselling, award-winning series for kids explores the countries, terrains, and cultures of our fascinating planet.

Readers ages 9 to 12 will travel around the globe, from Greenland to Tasmania, learning the locations and characteristics of continents, countries, and states and provinces in this lively introduction to our world. Starting with the basics—hemispheres, latitude and longitude, continental drift, map notation, landforms, population density, and more—the book gives kids a solid foundation to begin exploring world geography. Each section profiles a different continent, including climates and biomes (tundra, grasslands, etc.), mountain ranges and bodies of water, people and cultures, governments and industries, wildlife, and much more. And sidebars throughout offer biographies of explorers, fun facts, and projects kids can do with parents or on their own.

With 150 charming, original watercolor illustrations, A Child’s Introduction to the World is an entertaining and comprehensive overview of our fascinating planet.

Heather Alexander has written several books for children and young adults. She previously served as vice president and editorial director at Parachute Press, where she edited four young-adult series, three middle-grade series, and several nonfiction titles. She lives in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Meredith Hamilton is a former art director at Newsweek and Time and the illustrator of all of the books in Black Dog’s “Child’s Introduction To…” series. She lives in New York City.