Country Wisdom & Know-How

From the Editors of Storey Books

A Practical Guide to Simple Living

“If you could gather up the wisdom of the many generations of farmers, ranchers, outdoorsmen, homesteaders, and mountain-men and put it into a book you would end up with a book like this…Country Wisdom and Know-How is an indispensable reference volume for anyone interested in country living and is highly recommended.”
—Harold McFarland (Florida)

The most complete volume on every aspect of country living—from home and garden to barn and beyond.

From the President of Storey Publishing: The joy of doing more for oneself, mastering a skill, being more independent, connecting in a very physical way with our land, our property, our earth—that’s why we are drawn to this book.

Back in the 1970, during the “back to the land era” when hippies were homesteading and gas and energy prices were sky high, Storey began to publish a series of small booklets called Country Wisdom Bulletins, each one addressing a bite-sized piece of country know-how, a simple skill, some knitty-gritty information. The collection of bulletins grew into the hundreds and eventually over 15 million copies were sold to people eager to discover the fun and satisfaction of doing more for themselves.

And now, collected between the covers of this volume, is a compendium of treasured knowledge from hundreds of Country Wisdom Bullets. If you’re like most people, you’ll get stuck in it like a fly to old-fashioned flypaper. Whether you want to build a stone fence, make strawberry-rhubarb jam, or plant an herb garden, you’ll find this book to be like your grandfather or grandmother at your elbow, showing you how.

Everything old is new again!

This volume provides the wisdom and know-how on -

Attracting Hummingbirds • Baking Basic Bread • Braiding Rugs • Breeding Livestock • Breaking Your Cat’s Bad Habits • Building Adirondack Furniture • Buying and Selling a Horse• Caning Chairs • Cleaning and Caring for Tack • Cold Storing Fruits and Vegetables • Concocting Elixirs and Remedies • Constructing a Chicken Coop • Cooking with Fresh Sausage • Covering Ground with Flowers and Mulch • Crafting Hand-Dipped Candles • Creating A Habitat for Backyard Birds • Cultivating a Garlic Patch • Decorating from Nature • Digging a Pit Greenhouse • Drawing Maple Syrup • Drying Food • Erecting a Pole Woodshed • Fabricating Natural Milk Soap • Farming Blackberries • Fashioning a Gingerbread House • Frying Green Tomatoes • Growing the Best Tomatoes • Hanging Country Style Curtains • Healing with Natural Home Remedies • Helping Orphaned Wild Birds • Housebreaking and Training Your Puppy • Interlacing Grapevine Wreaths • Keeping Basements Dry • Landscaping with Bulbs • Luring Exotic Butterflies • Making Potpourri • Managing a Woodlot • Mastering Wide Row Planting • Nurturing a Wildflower Meadow • Perfecting Orchids • Pest-Proofing Your Garden • Pickling and Preserving • Planting Lavendar • Preparing a Bird-Watcher’s Journal • Producing Cheese, Butter, and Yogurt • Propagating the Best Blueberries • Pruning Trees, Shrubs, and Vines • Putting Together Essential Oils in the Bath • Putting up Stone Walls • Raising a Healthy Rabbit • Quilting • Restoring Hardwood Floors • Selling Your Crafts • Sharpening Hand Tools • Starting Right with Bees • Stenciling Furniture • Tending to the Best Asparagus • Using a Flower Press • Weaving Country Baskets

Storey Publishing, located in North Adams, Massachusetts, is one of the most respected and trusted publishers in the categories of country living, crafts, pets, and animals.

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