Theodore Gray's Elements Vault

Treasures of the Periodic Table with Removable Archival Documents and Real Element Samples — Including Pure Gold

Theodore Gray and Simon Quellen Field
Photographs by Theodore Gray and Nick Mann

The exploration of the elements continues! Theodore Gray's Elements Vault builds on Gray’s best-selling book with all new text, plus removable historic letters and other artifacts, a 3-D model atom, and collectible samples of real elements!

The Elements Vault picks up where The Elements left off. Organized into the nine major groups of the periodic table, including the alkali metals, the alkali earth metals, the transition metals, the nonmetals,
the metalloids, the halogens, the noble gases, the actinides, and the lanthanides, Elements Vault includes
all new text, new photographs, and even more information about the elements. Elements Vault also includes 20 removable historic documents related to the elements and the field of chemistry, such as Einstein’s famous letter to Roosevelt explaining the potential of uranium for use in nuclear weapons, a genuine advertisement for lithium-laced 7UP soda, Mendeleev's original notes on the periodic table, and more. Each of these documents is individually packaged in an envelope attached to the book page. The document can be removed and handled and then put back into the book for safekeeping. Also here is a pop-up model of an atom and a gorgeous 20” x 10” poster of the unique rainbow spectrum emitted by each element in the periodic table.

Also included inside the book are real samples of pure elements: gold, silicon, boron, promethium,
and zirconium. Filled with Theo Gray’s and Nick Mann’s trademark stunning photography throughout, Elements Vault is the perfect addition to Gray’s growing series of all-things-elements.

Theodore Gray is the author of the best-selling The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe and Theo Gray’s Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do at Home, But Probably Shouldn’t, and of Popular Science magazine’s “Gray Matter” column. He is the proprietor of He is also cofounder of Wolfram Research, creators of the world’s leading technical software system, Mathematica®, and Wolfram|Alpha™. With his company Touch Press, Gray is the developer of the best-selling iPad and iPhone e-book app The Elements: A Visual Exploration. He lives in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Nick Mann is a freelance photographer working in central Illinois. Aside from having photographed more elements than probably anyone in the world, he is an accomplished landscape, sports, and event
photographer. He lives in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

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