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Garden Wisdom & Know-How

From the Editors of Rodale Gardening Books

A Practical Guide to Nurturing Your Garden

“Loaded with good information. Helps you through every step if you’re a beginner, and offers great tips and methods for old hands. I especially appreciated the problem/solution sections. Divided logically, making later reference quick and easy. I am a fan of all the Wisdom and Know-How books.”
—C.M. Morris (Michigan)

“This is a wonderful source of information. I am from the country and I have learned so much from this book. I highly recommend it to all that wish to learn how to be more self sufficient.”
—”Smitty”, review

As the local food movement continues to pick up speed, many find themselves itching to grow their own food and perk up their yards, patios, desks, and homes with boisterous flowers and greens.

Now’s your chance to do just that and to learn from the age-old wisdom of generations before you. This ultimate guide to gardening gathers together all the lessons learned from gardeners and farmers before you—it’s tried, tested, and true.

Garden Wisdom & Know-How features a hand-picked selection of the best materials from books published by Rodale Press, a leader in gardening. The book includes hundreds of useful techniques, tools, illustrations, and photographs. Most of the techniques described are chemical-free and organic, giving you the peace of mind without spending a chunk of change at health food stores! This book includes lists, tables, resources, and step-by-step instructions…all in one volume.

This volume provides the wisdom and know-how on -

Getting to Know Your Soil • Gardening and Landscape Design • Perennial Gardens • Attracting Butterflies and Moths • Seed-Starting • Growing Herbs Indoors • Making and Using Organic Fertilizers • Planting Container Gardens • Rotating Crops • Watering Wisely • Growing and Caring for Roses • Planting a Flowerbed • Tips for Easy Trees and Shrubs • Caring for Annuals • Groundcover Basics • Soil Mixes for Houseplants • Using Crop Covers • Arranging Flowers • The Art of Composting • Building a Window Box • Tool Tricks and Techniques • Tips for Storing Seeds • Cooking with Herbs • Planting Sod • Defeating Plant Diseases the Organic Way • Building a Small Anima Shelter • Picking Perfect Plants • Fashioning Your Own Fence • Making a Portable Trellis • Creating Woodland and Shade Gardens • What to do About Weeds • Building Outdoor Rooms • Climbing Plants for Shade • Mapping Out the Garden • Propagating Tips • Making a Moth Trap • Growing Fabulous Flower Gardens • Building a Low-Care Deck • Making a Barrel Composter • Growing Berries and Small Fruit • Landscaping with Roses • Planning a Vegetable Garden • Attracting Beneficial Insects • Planning an Animal-Resistant Garden • Welcoming Wildlife to the Garden • Nurturing an Indoor Worm Farm • Secrets for a High-Yield Vegetable Garden • Balancing the Soil and Working with Soil

Rodale Books publishes award-winning, bestselling titles on gardening, health, wellness, fitness, food, nutrition, inspiration/spirituality, and the environment. Some of their best-known gardening books include Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, Your Backyard Herb Garden, The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, and The Garden Primer.

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