True Encounters with the World Beyond

Hans Holzer

“Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond is a gigantic volume, documenting almost 200 cases of haunted houses, ships, castles, and just about any place imaginable! The cases are far more complex than just your average white-sheeted ghoul in the attic. Holzer examines the differences between “real ghosts,” who reveal themselves to living people, and psychic impressions, which occur to many witnesses, always at the same time and place. There is also solid advice for interpreting paranormal signals–and even photographs of ghostly apparitions. This is an informative read, but one that is open to personal interpretation.”
—Naomi Gesinger, review

Join paranormal expert and storyteller extraordinaire Hans Holzer as he explores ghostly manifestations of every variety and delves into the true nature of “the other side.” Join him on a journey to the world beyond… and visit hundreds of haunted places around the world. You will learn how to make contact with “the other side” and read about ghostly manifestations of all kinds, from phantoms to poltergeists—and learn about the scientific investigations that have uncovered and authenticated them. This collection also contains rare, genuine photographs of ghosts and spirits, and find out how these apparitions were captured on film.

In this groundbreaking book—featuring eye-opening photographs of ghostly apparitions and visitations—Holzer presents hundreds of case histories, tips on interpreting sounds and other signals from the beyond, and more.

Not only does Dr. Holzer introduce you to those who visit from the next dimension, he explains why they seek contact with our world. He also offers expert advice on how to interpret sights, sounds, activities, visions, and other experiences that signal the presence of someone from “the other side.”

In Ghosts you’ll learn how to become a seeker and ghost-hunter instead of just witnessing the adventures of others on television, the big screen, and in your favorite books.

Hans Holzer, whose investigations into the paranormal took him to haunted houses and other sites all over the world, wrote more than 140 books on ghosts, the afterlife, witchcraft, extraterrestrial beings, and other phenomena associated with the realm he called “the other side.” Among his famous subjects was the Long Island house that inspired The Amityville Horror book and film adaptations. Holzer studied at the University of Vienna, Austria, and at Columbia University, New York, earning a master’s degree in comparative religion. He taught parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology. Holzer died in 2009.

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