Knit Your Own Boyfriend

The Perfect Man is Hard to Find. Stitching One is Easy

 Carol Meldrum           

 It’s not easy to find the perfect man, so why not knit your own? With easy-to-follow instructions for 25 different types, Knit Your Own Boyfriend is an irresistible guide to creating the man you’ve been “yarning” for. 

 The knitted boyfriend won’t make a mess or hog the remote, and he comes with the perfect wardrobe to suit every occasion, from your birthday to your best-friend’s wedding. Knit Your Own Boyfriend offers a wide selection of twenty-five eligible types: hipster, artist, rock star, doctor, businessman, soccer player, frat boy, skater, cowboy, hip hop musician, outdoorsman, and more.  You decide on his height, build, and skin color, and you can choose hairstyles like slicked back, curly, side part, even dreadlocks or a ponytail. You can even add facial hair including woolly beards, moustaches, stubble, or a goatee. Along with the man himself are dozens of sartorial options. Like a man in knitted uniform? Make your boyfriend into a chef, a fireman, or an army man. Prefer something a little more business-like? Knit a suit, tie, and briefcase and make him into a lawyer, banker or accountant. Or if you fancy something more athletic there are patterns for a soccer player, surfer or even an astronaut. Can't decide? Mix and match the clothing patterns to create your own special man.

Carol Meldrum is a textile designer, workshop tutor, and the creative force behind the fashion accessories label beatknit ( She has worked as a designer for many high-end fashion outlets including the internationally renowned hand knit label Rowan. Carol is the author of many popular knitting and crochet titles including 30 Min-Knits: What Can You Knit in Half an Hour or Less?; Simple Stitches: Crochet: 25 Projects for the New Stitcher; and Knitted Icons.  She lives in Scotland.

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