Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2013

America’s Best-Selling Antiques Annual

Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel

The 45th edition of America’s leading price guide on antiques and collectibles, featuring all-new actual prices (not estimates) in 700 categories with more than 2,500 photographs.

Terry Kovel and daughter Kim know their stuff—after all, the Kovel family has published 100 books related to antiques and collectibles over the past five decades! The original Kovels’ Price Guides and catalogs were written by Terry and her husband Ralph Kovel, building their experience and reputation as experts in the field of antiques. After Ralph’s passing, Terry courageously pushed forward, bringing their daughter into the family antiquing fold. Terry and Kim’s personal tastes in collectibles couldn’t be more different: Terry who longs for the perfect find (her current passion can be seen in her Egyptian Revival study) and Kim who appreciates modern Italian furniture, jewelry, sculpture, and art. When mother and daughter come together to write their annual comprehensive price guide for the American antiqueing world, you can be assured that they’re covering ALL fronts of the market and not solely one era or style that interests them.

The most recent addition (the 45th edition) to their collection is Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2013America’s most trusted and authoritative antiques annual of art dealers, auction-goers, and antique hunters across America. For this edition, 40,000 new prices are categorized and include photographic examples along the outer margins of each page, to help you scan through the alphabetized contents to find what you’re seeking quickly. Kovels’ price guide helps you get an idea of just how much that dusty item in your grandmother’s attic could be worth at an auction. You’ll also find helpful tips from Terry and Kim sprinkled throughout the guide listings to help you make smart decisions as a collector. Capping off the price guide is a general overview of the antiques market over the past three years, noting recent trends.

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