The Elements and the Architecture of Everything

Theodore Gray
Photographs by Nick Mann

Molecules is the long-awaited sequel to Theodore Gray’s bestselling book and revolutionary iPad app, The Elements. Featuring the same style of breathtaking photography as The Elements and Gray’s trademark exhilarating prose, Molecules explores hundreds of the most interesting, unusual, and surprising chemical bonds and how they form to make up all of the stuff in the world.

Everything physical is made up of the elements and the infinite variety of molecules they form when they combine with each other. In Molecules, Theodore Gray explores through fascinating stories and trademark stunning photography the most interesting, essential, useful, and beautiful of the millions of chemical structures that make up every material in the world.

Gray begins with an explanation of how atoms bond to form molecules and compounds, as well as the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry. He then goes on to explore the vast array of materials molecules can create, including: soaps and solvents; goops and oils; rocks and ores; ropes and fibers; painkillers and dangerous drugs; sweeteners; perfumes and stink bombs; colors and pigments; and controversial compounds including asbestos, CFCs, and thimerosal. Big, gorgeous photographs, as well as diagrams of the compounds and their chemical bonds, rendered with never before seen beauty, accompany each discussion. Smaller images capture molecules in their various states and include  stop-motion-photography of fascinating natural and unnatural phenomena. As he did in The Elements, Gray shows us molecules as we’ve never seen them before. It’s the perfect   book for his loyal fans who’ve been eager for more and for anyone fascinated with the mysteries of the material world.


In the below video by Molecules photographer Nick Mann, preview some of the book's featured images in 3D!


Molecules Companion App

For the first time, experience what it's like to touch, bend, and reshape molecules, and discover how molecules form the architecture of everything. Molecules by Touch Press is coming soon for iPad and iPhone! Check their website for more details about the app's release.

Praise for Molecules


“I am so bowled over by Molecules that I can only express my feelings with a one-word blurb: “WONDERFUL!” — Oliver Sacks

"Molecules is like dipping your toe in a clear shallow pool—with transparent explanations, shimmering graphics, and luminous photography—then suddenly realizing you are happily swimming in deep waters, relaxed and having fun!  The science here is presented so elegantly you’ll feel like you are holding a jewelry catalog, and it’s impossible to put down. A must have for anyone of any age or education.” — Jamie Hyneman, Host, MythBusters


Below, listen to author Theo Gray discuss concepts from Molecules.

Theodore Gray is the author of The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe; Theo Gray’s Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do at Home, But Probably Shouldn’t; Mad Science 2: Experiments You Can Do At Home, But Still Probably Shouldn’t; and Popular Science magazine’s “Gray Matter” column. With his company Touch Press, Gray is the developer of best-selling iPad and iPhone apps, including The Elements, Solar System, Disney Animated, The Orchestra, The Waste Land, and Skulls by Simon Winchester. He lives in Urbana, Illinois.

Nick Mann is a freelance photographer and the co-photographer of The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe. Aside from having photographed more elements than probably anyone in the world, he is an accomplished landscape, sports, and event photographer. He lives in Urbana, Illinois.


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