Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How

Edited By Amy Rost

Useful Practices, Recipes, and Formulas for a Lifetime of Health

“Whether you are interested for the sake of wellness or in need of natural healing for a condition or disease, you will find the information you need inside the cover of this book…Most people wait until they have an affliction before they do anything about it. In the hospital where I work, our insurance costs are skyrocketing, and the top five diseases and conditions causing this rise are totally preventable. Many of our health problems today are due to our lousy diet…Interested in prevention and natural healing? This is one book you need to order!”
—Lynette R. Fleming, Co-Author of Lunch Buddies: Buddy Up for a Better Diet

Compiled from many well-respected authors in the field of natural and alternative healing (Diane Stein, Elson Haas, and James Green, to name a few), Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How includes practical and time-tested information on healing the natural way.

A special “Index of Ailments and Symptoms” appears at the front of the book to guide you to useful methods and techniques to help you manage specific issues and problems.
Chapters are organized by topic, including Herbal Healing, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Eastern Medicine, Energy Healing, Mind-Body Healing, and Healing With Foods.
Information within these chapters includes various methods and techniques for managing and curing hundreds of ailments, as well as for maintaining a healthy constitution year round. Includes lists, tables, resources, and step-by-step instructions—all in one volume.

This volume provides the wisdom and know-how on -

Healing Herbs • Homeopathic Medicine • Meditation • Aromatherapy • Stress Reduction • Acupressure • Chinese Medicine • Yoga • Ayurvedic Healing • Massage • Raw Foods • Herbal First Aid • Reflexology • Macrobiotics • Naturopathic Medicine • Chakric Healing • Fasting • Floral Acupuncture • Juicing • Self-Hypnosis • Color Zone Therapy • Gemstones and Crystals • Bach Flower Essences • Natural Supplements • Progressive Relaxation • Visualization • Herbal Fundamentals • Foundations of Chinese Medicine • Traditional Yogic Diet Principles • Autogenics • Female-Specific Herbalism • Skin Care • Hatha Yoga • Preparing Teas, Tinctures, and Herbal Extracts • Naturopathic Medical Philosophy • Male-Specific Herbalism • Biofeedback • Emotional Health • Healing with the Voice • Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids

Amy Rost is a freelance book editor and write who lives in New England.

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