The New York Times: Times of the Sixties

The Culture, Politics, and Personalities that Shaped the Decade

Edited with commentary by John Rockwell

There is no better record of events than The New York Times, and now, The Times of the Sixties captures the history, culture, and personalities of the decade through hundreds of articles and original commentary in this unique and fascinating book.

Whether we lived through them or learned of them after the fact, the events of the 1960s – the beginning of the Vietnam War, the moon landing, the hippie movement, to name just a few – resonate strongly in our culture today.

The Times of the Sixties represents one of the most fascinating, extensive, and well-rounded portraits of the on of modern history’s most tumultuous decades. More than 400 articles have been culled from the archives of The New York Times and brilliantly curated by staff writer John Rockwell.

Articles feature coverage of historic events like the Cuban missile crisis, Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech, the assassination of President Kennedy; cultural highlights such as the British invasion, movie reviews of Psycho, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and To Kill a Mockingbird, and features on music groups like the Supremes; plus pieces on political figures like John F. Kennedy, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevara, as well as influential personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Friedan.

Rockwell guides readers through the articles he’s selected, putting the events into historical context and exploring the far-reaching impact of these events and individuals. The book also includes hundreds of black-and-white and color photographs from the Times and other sources.

The New York Times is regarded as the world’s preeminent newspaper. Its news coverage is known for its exceptional depth and breadth, with reporting bureaus throughout the United States and its 26 foreign countries. Winner of 106 Pulitzer Prizes, the Times has the largest circulation of any seven-day newspaper in the U.S.

John Rockwell is journalist, music critic, and editor. In 1972 he began writing at The New York Times, first as a classical-music critic and reporter, then as the paper’s chief pop-music critic, and, from 1992 to 1994, as the European cultural correspondent. He became the editor of the paper’s Sunday Arts and Leisure section in 1998 and in 2004 was named chief dance critic. He lives in New York.

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