Paris in 3D in the Belle époque (1880-1914)

A Book Plus a Stereoscopic Viewer and 50 3D Photos

Bruno Fuligni

This handsome, unique package—containing a stereoscopic viewer, 50 3D photographic cards, and a photo-packed paperback book—offers a rare view of Paris, the world’s most beautiful city, during an era when art, literature, poetry, and music blossomed and reigned.

 Paris during the Belle Époque (1880-1914) was a time when peace and prosperity allowed for towering innovation in art, fashion, architecture, and gastronomy. The city at this time was the epicenter of art and music. Fauré, Saint Saëns, Debussy, and Ravel were composing; Rodin was working on The Thinker; Renoir, Monet, Cézanne, Pissarro and Degas painted scenes depicting everyday life, and Pablo Picasso embarked on his Blue Period. As Art Nouveau came into fashion, new buildings followed suit. Opéra Garnier, Castel Beranger, Moulin Rouge, and the Paris Metro entrances were all built during this time. Galeries Lafayette unveiled its gilded department store, which sold couture to the aspiring middle class. 

This burgeoning creativity and prposperity, as well as the city and the inhabitants who embraced it, is all captured here, with stunning clarity and realism. Paris in 3D’s innovative and inimitable package includes a sturdy, metal stereoscopic viewer, 50 rarely seen stereoscopic photographs of the city at the turn-of-the-century, and an accompanying 128-page paperback, which provides a brief history of the stereograph craze and an overview of the city’s evolution during that time. 

Bruno Fuligni is a French writer and historian. He has written more than 20 books.


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