What the Facts Tell Us About How the Presidents Measure Up on the Issues We Care About

Mike Kimel and Michael E. Kanell
Information Graphics by Nigel Holmes

The authors cut through party bias to present the quantifiable facts about how modern presidents have performed on critical national issues.

Politicians and the media spend a lot of time telling Americans how the presidents and their administrations are performing, but this analysis always skews along party lines. In Presimetrics, Kimel and Kanell take a fresh look at modern politics by gathering data from numerous government sources in order to compare and rank presidential performance on critical issues, from employment and health care to taxes and family values. The results frequently defy expectations.

  • Reagan, godfather of neoconservatives, increased the federal workforce more than any president since LBJ.
  • Clinton, a hero to Democrats, cut funding for the NEA by a larger percentage than any other president.
  • Nixon/Ford outperformed all administrations on Democratic issues like Federal spending on social programs.

The lively text clearly explains how various policies of each administration affect the data, and fascinating information graphics lend even greater depth to the discussion, showing at a glance how multiple administrations stack up.

Mike Kimel, who earned his Ph.D. in economics at UCLA has built statistical software used by the military, NASA and other government agencies. He ran the internal consulting group for a Fortune 500 telecom company, and worked for a Big 4 accounting firm . Kimel is also a blogger on He lives in Akron, Ohio.

Michael E. Kanell is an economics writer for the Atlanta JournalConstitution. He has appeared frequently on TV and radio, including CNBC and NPR. He has a bachelor's degree in history from Princeton and a law degree from Boston University, where he was also adjunct professor of the College of Communications. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nigel Holmes is an award-winning information graphics specialist whose work has appeared in countless newspapers and magazines. He lives in Westport Connecticut.

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