Know Yourself!

Available wherever books are sold

These enlightening write-in quiz books offer a daily dose of self-discovery and intellectual challenges.

Each book comes with attractive rounded corners, an elastic closure, and is small enough to fit in a purse or bag for mental stimulation during your commute, in waiting rooms, or during any chance you can sneak a short break for self-discovery into your day. To top it all off, each book comes with an afforable price tag, but is attractive enough to give as a gift.

Who Are You? Test Your Personality is an enlightening collection of simple personality tests designed to answer who you are, how you got that way, and what, if anything, you can or should do to change.

Who Are You? Test Your Emotional Intelligence includes tests that will analyze your emotional intelligence from a variety of perspectives, help pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and reveal hidden aspects of your personality.

How Smart Are You? Test Your IQ offers brain-stumping questions to help determine whether you are a logical thinker, numerical whiz, or spatially-inclined, as well as other strengths.

How Smart Are You? Test Your Math IQ collects challenging tests and puzzles to help you hone your math skills, which are used daily, from shopping to budgeting to bill paying, not to mention (shudder) tax season.