Solar System 2016 Calendar

A Visual Exploration of the Planets, Moons and Other Heavenly Bodies that Orbit Our Sun

Includes a photographic Solar System poster!

Marcus Chown

Photographs and Arts by Planetary Visions    

Based on the Black Dog’s internationally best-seller Solar System by Marcus Chown and the bestselling iPad app created by Touch Press, this gorgeous calendar is a month-by-month tour of the most beautiful and interesting bodies in the solar system.

Every month in the new Solar System calendar for 2016 shows a big beautiful photograph of a featured body of our solar system and gives information and an interesting anecdote about it. Monthly features in the 2016 calendar include: The Surface of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Mars, Phobos, Europa, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Neptune, Pluto, Kuiper Belt, and Iapetus.  Smaller, related images populate the monthly grids. Monthly grids include important dates in chemical history, as well as major North American, British, and Australian and New Zealand holidays.


Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, he is now cosmology consultant for New Scientist magazine. He lives in London, England.

Planetary Visons offers high-quality 2D and 3D graphics derived from satellite scenes, terrain models, and digital map data, much of which they produce for publication by both print and electronic media.