Survival Wisdom & Know-How

From the Editors of Stackpole Books

Everything You Need to Know to Subsist in the Wilderness

“I love this book, it tells you everything you need to know about being self sufficient and then some. Everyone should have a copy, especially if you love to camp and hike, could save your life.”
—Melissa, review

This practical guide is jam-packed with information on every aspect of outdoor life and adventure. If you’re looking to get yourself and/or your family out for a completely “unplugged” natural adventure, this is the book you’ll need. Filled with tips and techniques for surviving in the wilderness, Survival Wisdom & Know-How could well prove to be a life-saver!

Survival Wisdom & Know-How is the most complete, all-in-one volume on every aspect of outdoor adventure and survival ever, from orienteering to campfire cooking to ice climbing and beyond. Culled from dozens of respected books from Stackpole, the industry’s leader in outdoor adventure, this massive collection of wilderness know-how leaves absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to surviving and thriving in the wilderness—and appreciating every minute of it.

Useful illustrations and photos throughout make it easy to browse and use. With contributions by the experts at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) as well as the editors of Stackpole’s Discover Nature series, Survival Wisdom & Know-How is the definitive, must-have reference for the great outdoors.

This volume provides the wisdom and know-how on -

Building Outdoor Shelter • Tracking Animals • Winter Camping • Reading the Weather • Identifying Edible Plants • Surviving in the Desert • Fishing and Ice Fishing • Hunting and Trapping • Navigating Without Map and Compass • Canoeing and Kayaking • Tying Knots • Administering Emergency First Aid • Avoiding Dangerous Animals • Recognizing Poisonous Snakes • Cooking Outdoors • Avoiding Dangerous Mammals • Building and Lighting a Fire • Choosing a Campsite • Cleaning Fish: Step by Step • Climbing and Bouldering • Constructing Natural Shelters • Cooking and Preserving Wild Meat • Crossing Safely over Water • Cutting Firewood • Disposing of Wilderness Waste • Dressing for the Desert • Entering, Exiting, and Carrying Kayaks • Finding Land and Coming Ashore • Fishing from a Life Raft • Hand-Crafting Hunting Tools • Home Drying One-Pot Meals • Identifying Animal Tracks • Identifying Poisonous Plants • Identifying Trees • Identifying Wildflowers • Knowing Where and When to Fish • Launching, Landing, and Trimming a Canoe • Maintaining a Heat Source • Mastering Common Knots • Orienting Your Map • Outfitting for Cold Weather • Packaging and Transporting Food • Planning Meals in the Wilderness • Practicing “Leave No Trace” Camping • Reading a River • Reading a Topographic Map • Rigging Live Bait • Searching for a Lost Person • Selecting Lamps and Torches • Signaling for Rescue • Surviving a Shipwreck • Tackling River Hazards • Trapping and Snaring Animals for Food • Traversing Mountainous Terrain • Treating Common Camping Injuries • Understanding and Predicting the Weather • Using an Ice Ax • Using Plants for Medicine

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