Undisclosed Files of the Police

Cases from the Archives of the NYPD from 1831 to the Present

Bernard J. Whalen, Philip Messing, and Robert Mladinich

More than a century's worth of atrocities culled from the city's police blotter, told through startling, rarely seen images and incisive text written by two NYPD officers and a NYC crime reporter.

"An extensive buffet of New York City's real crime history, served up in spicy bite-sized portions."
—Raymond W. Kelly, Former NYC Police Commissioner

"Fact rivals fiction in this gritty, well-researched collection, an insiders' look at more than 175 years of New York's most infamous crimes. The authors—NYPD Lieutenant Bernand Whalen, crime reporter Philip Messing and retired Detective, Robert Mladinich—have detailed a history of many of the city's most notorious and zaniest capers."
—Nicholas Pileggi, author of the bestsellers Casino and Wiseguy

"New York characters galore, both good guys and gangsters, leap from the pages of Undisclosed Files of the Police."  
The New York Times, Sam Roberts, 2016

"Undisclosed Files of the Police has something for every crime aficionado, from Mafia buffs to those who are captivated by headline grabbing trials."  
—Newsday, Anthony M. DeStefano, 2016

"True-crime buffs should be sated by this morbid peek into the past."
The Village Voice, 2016

"Complete with incredible photographs, the book is a perfect gift for anyone with a love of true crime or New York history."
Shelf Awareness, Noah Cruickshank, 2016

From crimes that occurred before the establishment of New York's police force in 1845 through the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 to the present day, this visual history of New York City is a peek behind the police tape at more than 175 years of crime. This 320-page chronological tour covers events that shocked the nation, from arson to gangland murders, robberies, serial killers, bombings, and kidnappings. Headline-grabbing entries include architect Stanford White's shooting at Madison Square Garden, the bombing of Wall Street in 1920, the 1928 hit on mobster Arnold Rothstein at the Park Sheraton Hotel, and Kitty Genovese's 1964 stabbing, famously witnessed by dozen of bystanders who did not intervene. Rarely seen photos, including the parking ticket that helped catch the serial killer Son of Sam and the carvings left at the crime scene of the Mad Sculptor, help readers gain an insider's perspective into the investigations. Perfect for crime buffs, urban historians, and fans of photojournalism, this riveting collection details New York's most startling and unsettling moments through behind-the-scenes stories and more than 500 photographs.

Bernard J. Whalen is a lieutenant in the NYPD, where he has served for more than 34 years. He has published two books, The NYPD's First Fifty Years and the novel Justifiable Homicide. He lives in New York. Philip Messing has been a journalist who has covered crime and law enforcement for more than 35 years. He is a veteran staff reported for the New York Post and lives in New York. Robert Mladinich is a retired NYPD detective, who has named Cop of the Year in 1985. He has written a number of true crime books, including From the Mouth of the Monster: The Joel Rifkin Story, as well as articles for magazines including Playboy and Details. He is also the writer/editor for Frontline, a publication of the NYC Sergeants Benevolent Association. He lives in New York.


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