Encounters with the Undead

Edited by David J. Skal

“I recommend this book highly to anyone who has an interest in vampires. not only does it contain stories from classic gothic styling to present, the side bars provide very interesting information about vampires in general and the background of the stories and authors. This is like getting a well researched ‘the vampire book’ and a compilation of the greatest vampire stories ever written. Also contains complete listing of vampire literature and cinema with author, year of publish or cinematic release. get this book.”
—Eric Warren (Rochester, NY)’

Vampires covers two centuries of spine-tingling literature, lore, ephemera, and history. Noted vampire authority David J. Skal takes you on an unprecedented tour through this most captivating of subjects. From classics of the world’s literature to pulp magazine serials to actual historical accounts, all of the mysterious, bloodcurdling horror is here in this tome.

Every page of Vampires also features a column of commentary by Skal, expanding and reflecting upon the stories and exploring the evolution of the vampire mystique in folklore, literature, and popular culture.

Some 200 beautifully rendered black-and-white images, ranging from vintage engravings to film stills and posters to pop-cultural artifacts, make this book a true Vampire’s Feast.

David J. Skal is one of the world’s leading historians and commentators on all things macabre. He is host of “Horror 101 with David J. Skal,” a monthly program on the Horror Channel. His books include Hollywood Gothic, The Monster Show, Screams of Reason, and, with Elias Savada, Dark Carnival: the Secret World of Ted Browning. He is co-editor of the Norton Critical Edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He wrote, produced, and directed the behind-the-scenes chronicle of the Academy Award-winning film Gods and Monsters and has produced a dozen other making-of documentaries for DVD.

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