Weird & Wonderful Christmas

Curious and Crazy Customs and Coincidences from Around the World

Joey Green, Illustrations by Lisa K. Weber

In Weird & Wonderful Christmas, Joey Green has unearthed stockingfuls of juicy holiday curiosities for an offbeat look at a heartfelt tradition—and a one-size-fits-all Christmas present no one will ever return!

 Ah, the delights of Christmas. Holiday carolers, beautifully wrapped packages, twinkling lights, and…a feast of caterpillars fried in oil?! Welcome to Weird Christmas, a journey off the beaten path to the bizarre side of the world’s most beloved holiday, where for every Christmas sugarplum there is a plate of lutefisk (that’s cod soaked in lye, a Christmas favorite in Norway).

December 25th has become so much more—and less—than a sacred religious celebration. It is a time to be joyously selfless and a time to indulge in an orgy of consumerism; a time for sober reflection and a time to lift a few too many glasses of eggnog and wake up facedown under the office conference table. And, apparently, if you are Werner Erhard, a time to send out 62,824 personal greeting cards. Or for the 5,000 citizens of Porto, Portugal, it’s a time to dress up as Santa Claus and parade through the town. Austrian children leave Father Christmas a glass of beer instead of milk and cookies, and in the closed-off streets of Caracas, Venezuela, worshippers roller-skate to church. Weird Christmas covers every wacky, wonderful, little-known Christmas tradition from every corner of the world.

Joey Green is the author of more than 40 books, including How They Met, Cleaning Magic, Amazing Pet Cures, and The Mad Scientist Handbook. A native of Miami, Florida, he is a former contributing editor at National Lampoon and a former advertising copywriter at J. Walter Thompson. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

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