Tides and the Ocean

Water's Movement Around the World, from Waves to Whirlpools

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May 15, 2018

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Surfers, sailors, and anyone who loves the ocean will enjoy this visual exploration of the world’s seas along its shores, including rip tides, swells, waves, and tsunamis.

Tide is the vertical motion of water, something so subtle it is impossible to see with the naked eye. Inspired by his travels around the world’s coastline in a camper van with his young family, William Thomson captures the cycles of the sea’s movement, and intersperses his adventures surfing the waves and charting the tides. Throughout Tides and the Ocean are his graphic renderings of unusual tidal maps, as well as other forms of water movement, including rip, rapids, swell, stream, tide, wave, whirlpool, and tsunami.

Tides and the Ocean explains how the tides surge when the moon and sun align with the earth; how ocean streams alternate direction every six hours (which is invaluable information for kayakers, paddle boarders, and fishermen); why skyscraper-sized tsunamis occur frequently in an Alaskan Bay; and the most deadly beach orientation for rip currents. Also emphasized throughout is the importance of keeping the world’s oceans healthy and full of life.

Published in time for beach travel, this large-format hardcover is ideal for anyone who knows and loves the sea, and who wants to understand, discover, surf, or sail it better.

Meet The Author: William Thomson

William Thomson is an artist, writer, and world traveler, who follows the coasts and maps the tides. Renowned for his hand-illustrated tidal charts, he’s the author of the UK bestseller Book of Tides. He’s been written about in BBC, Telegraph, iNews, and LifeEdited. He lives with his partner, daughter, newborn son, and dog in a camper van wherever the water is best.

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Review for Thomson's first UK title, The Book of Tides:
"Marrying lyrical prose with local knowledge and science, Thomson is a perfect guide to the rhythms and power of the water around this coastline."—The Daily Telegraph
"A book for all of us who feel the pull of the sea and the tug of the tide."—Waterstones
"Whether you're a paddle boarder, a swimmer or just a seaside geek with a taste for great design, this gorgeous book will have something for you."—The Pool
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